Black swan

Cygnus atratus

Our three beautiful black swans are all rescued birds. 

“Siren” is our largest and has a damaged leg and wing but is doing well. Siren was given to us by the SPCA ‘Birdwing’ Rescue in South Auckland.

“Squeak” is from Willow Haven Waterfowl Rescue in Whangarei and“Bubbles” came to us from another bird park.

The Black Swan originates from Australia and was introduced to NZ in 1864.  They are now found throughout New Zealand.

The Black Swans are protected but maybe be hunted in open season in some localities.  Shame on the hunters!!!

They feed mostly on shallow water plants and ours are fed grain daily.

Breeding is from August to November and they lay around 4-7 greenish eggs.  Fingers crossed—we may have exciting times ahead!!

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