Bird Rescue

We rescue all sorts of animals, in fact any creature who needs care including hedgehogs and possums. So many people hate these little critters, but we love 'em all and someone has to help them!!

Most native birds brought in to our centre by DOC staff or the public, have been hit by cars or sadly have been attacked by dogs. Some suffer dreadful injuries and need to be euthanised but we try our hardest to rescue and rehabilitate all those animals brought into our care.

What can you do if you find injured animals/birds?

  • First, move quietly and slowly, keeping young children well away.
  • Carefully catch and wrap in jacket, blanket etc. If bleeding badly, try to apply first aid.
  • Place animal in box and keep dark and most importantly warm.
  • If the animal/bird is wet, place absorbent towel under. 
  • If a native, please call DOC immediately or take to a vet who can assess and will then refer to a Rescue facility.
  • If you are handy to us, you can drop in or give us a call 0211720561.

Please do not try to keep the bird/animal in a box with no food or water.  If you are not sure how to hydrate correctly or feed, please refer to a rescue centre, DOC or vet immediately.  The main causes of death other than injuries are dehydration, shock and cold.

Hawks and Moreporks will defend themselves as best they can and yes they can hurt you, but this is self-defence and fear NOT aggression.

When you capture these injured birds, gently place their wings into correct position and hold bird firmly. The sooner they are in a dark environment - the better.

If you find hedgehogs, often dehydration is the main problem to tackle first. WASH YOUR HANDS after handling. By the way Hedgehog mange is not contagious to humans!!

Rescued Bird at Mill CreekSick HedgehogRescued Tui at Mill Creek Bird Park

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